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Comments about HotelStay Inn



Milliel Deshmukh

Excellent Staff

Amit Butta

Need Pert control


Nice Hotel


I loved it

Dinesh - 15/08/2018

Good Hospitality and comfortable stay

M M Pragatha - 10/08/2018

Neat and well maintained had a peaceful stay

S Praveen Kumar - 06/08/2018

Good and friendly service

M Shivades - 04/08/2018

WIFI can be better

Preeti Solarhi - 28/07/2018

Very safe, clean and good admosphere

LiniRaj R L - 24/07/2018

Thank you for your nice support

Mohammed Asif - 20/07/2018

Good service and facilities and economied

S Chandra - 14/07/2018

Excellent hotel, Neatest to hotel and admosphere

Mohan Kekan - 21/06/2018

cleaning ness is very good, services and staff excellent

Nawaz - 11/06/2018

Wonderful people and very co-operative

G Rajasekharan - 18/05/2018

Please check fan/Ac

Syed Muzeradh - 15/05/2018

Excellent love to comeback the staff is very friendly

Dr LC choudhury - 13/05/2018

Clean and good hospitality

Rajan sharma - 11/05/2018

Liked staying here

Machael pebono - 11/05/2018

I really enjoyed my stay here. Thanks shety

M Ravi - 9/05/2018

Very good service

Deepa - 7/05/2018

Good service clean rooms hustle free checkin & chekout

Syed arslan - 14/04/2018

Promt room service is really good

Very nice hospitality

Avadhut k desai - 21/03/2018

Good house keeping

T Acharya - 17/03/2018

Was a pleasant Stayin I'll be back

Chetena Sonti - 26/02/2018

Good keep it up

A.K.Sharma - 25/02/2018

Staying was comfertable nice staying on started

Govind M Lee - 25/02/2018

Room Tv-fully bright picture not clear

Mohmad Mansoor - 19/02/2018

Staff speaking good

S brahmachari - 18/02/2018

Very Eco-friendly supportive staff seeing you'll soon

Devits V - 17/02/2018

Everything good

Surendra - 14/02/2018

Service is so nice

R K Rajat - 13/02/2018

Very Good keep it up

Rajnikanth v - 13/02/2018

Very good servising and helping it was wonderful and enjoying of allroom also

Sudhish K - 3/02/2018

Good Service & All good,Good stay.

V.S.Venkatesan - 30/1/18

Toilet/Housekeeping is good.

Amar Jyoti Kr - 30/01/18

It was nice stay very good.

G.Thynjesjn - 29/01/18

Very good Keep It Up.

Shreya Parashar - 28/1/18

Very helpful staff and very comfortable rooms.

Saddam Hussain - 28/1/18

Nice people & Good service.

Aaromac - 22/1/18

Nice Stayinn complimentary, Breakfast.

Pranek - 19/1/18

Nice Hotel to stayinn & Good Welcome at Reception.

V Subramania - 18/1/18

Very Hygenic and Well Maintained Very Cooperative and Very Hospitality.

Dinesh Babu - 18/1/18

Good Ambience,Easily Accessible.

Amit Varma - 13/1/18

Very Good Behaviour of Staff.

Sandeep S.S - 11/1/18

Very Good Service.

Sheena S - 05/1/18

Very Good Room Service.

Arun Judin - 04/1/18

Very Helping People.

Ramesh Panchal - 03/1/18

Good Service.

Sneha Banr.G - 23/12/17

Awesome Service Cheap & Best Sugsi Complimentary Breakfast.

Pavan Jha - 9/04/17

Ranji Thoma - 13/04/16

Good Service And Heat Room.

Renu Bharekhiya - 12/04/16

Good Service And Hot Water Excellent no Extra Quitt.

Tiffiny- 12/04/16

All Very nice Thanks.

Rajendra Singh Dhillon - 12/04/16

Good Stay Good Room.

Muralidharan.R - 12/04/16

Nice Receptionist Freindly Behaviour.


Very Fine.

Mrs Shevol Sodhi - 26/12/17

Hotel Having Good Services, Rooms Are Good. Willing To Visit Again.

Daniel Kay - 21/12/17

Good Ambience & Decent Accomodation.

M. Karthik - 15/12/17

Very Good Services

Ranga Thanuja Pieris(LK) - 10/12/17

Nice Place Great Staff Good Service, Clean, Please Continue . Hope you become Group Of Hotels. Good Luck.

Mohan Riyasat

Nice Staff

Siddarth Purohit - 25/11/17

Good Location and Good Staff

D.Vimalraj - 25/11/17

Very Good Services and Hotel Good Looking

Dr.Sohail.V.Seyed - 24/11/17

Great Location,& Well Wanted Rooms

Tirath Kushwah - 19/11/17

Services Is Good. No Worry To Leave Any Things

Dr. Arun - 15/11/17

Everything Is Good Except For Warm Space

Ashwin - 14/11/17

Great Service & Friendly Staff

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  • Well furnished rooms with A/C, Cable connection with good reception of TV Channels (More than 60 channels including International channels covering News, Sports, Entrtainment, etc ...) and Spacious bath rooms with 24 Hours Hot water make your stay in our "stay inn " comfortable.
  • Your stay in these executive hotel rooms in our "Stay Inn" will be enhanced with perfect refinements which will fufill all your requirements. And we are very much sure about that you are going to get a awesome experience here. in Fully renovated rooms, tight sec...

  • A higher order of accommodation comes with a higher order of prerequisites. Our Stay Inn guests are offered the highest level of personalised attention. And this deluxe rooms with enhanced interiors and other luxurious services ensure comfortable living at "Stay Inn".