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Comments about HotelSatay Inn

avinash - 31/dec/16

Nice services

Esakki - 31/dec/16

Nice services

Ajay Parmar - 29/Oct/16

Food otherthan imperials, Speedy South Indian Meals, Its Nice Thank you

Rajeshwar - 08/Nov/16

Hotel Service is Good

Mohammad AL Shaiba - 19/Nov/16


D.M RathnaParkhr - 18/Nov/16

Very nice people, Great Experiance with staff, One more time with here.

Nitin Bhet - 20/Oct/16


Nitin Bhet - 20/Oct/16


Tanmayee Das - 21/Oct/16

Very clean & Great Service, Thank you.

Prashanth Sharma - 21/Sep/16

Should Include Morning Tea/Coffee for every types of room.

Subhesh Dhury (Kpack) - 21/Sep/16

More Than Adaquate Coffee/Tea Machine

Raja Sekar - 26/Sep/16


Jithesh. V - 05/Oct/16

Good Service.

Raja ChakraBhoti - 04/Oct/16

Very Good Arrangement, Real Value For Money.

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Room types

  • Well furnished rooms with A/C, Cable connection with good reception of TV Channels (More than 60 channels including International channels covering News, Sports, Entrtainment, etc ...) and Spacious bath rooms with 24 Hours Hot water make your stay in our "stay inn " comfortable.

  • Your stay in these executive hotel rooms in our "Stay Inn" will be enhanced with perfect refinements which will fufill all your requirements.And we are very much sure about that you are going to get a awesome experience here. in Fully renovated rooms, tight sec...

  • A higher order of accommodation comes with a higher order of prerequisites. Our Stay Inn guests are offered the highest level of personalised attention.And this deluxe rooms with enhanced interiors and other luxurious services ensure comfortable living at "Stay Inn".